Local Authority Strategy & Procurement

The UK has a heritage of public sector led housing and care provision – we are now in a period when Local Authorities are increasingly moving away from direct provision and towards a commissioning role.

Most of our work is for Local Authorities and we regularly provide:

  1. Demand and capacity assessments as part of creating comprehensive strategies for housing and care provision for older people.
  2. Reviews of current direct provision, such as Local Authority care home stock, to determine the potential for upgrading, reuse or replacement.
  3. Business case drafting for changes in provision and procurement programmes of new Extra Care and registered care developments.
  4. Soft market testing to gauge the capabilities and interests of providers ahead of procurement decisions.
  5. Procurement support, including drafting PQQ, ITT and evaluation documents, such as templates for the submission of pricing information.

We are also involved in multi-agency projects that provide new facilities for NHS, CCG and primary care occupiers in the same buildings as new Extra Care facilities and accommodation.

We believe that our involvement in development delivery and the provider market enables us to offer commissioners a comprehensive overview of how provision is changing, the type of opportunities that providers are likely to respond to and the potential cost of alternative forms of provision.

Our strategy and procurement work has covered urban and rural areas, the procurement of single and multi-development Extra Care programmes, and all of the procurement procedures that are in current use.