For Developers

Our roots are in private sector development and we apply our commercial awareness to some degree in everything we undertake, but particularly to our work for developers.

We understand both the traditional housebuilding and private rented sectors, (PRS), having been involved in the acquisition, design, delivery and sale of many housing developments from small infill sites, through regeneration and mixed use city centre projects, up to 1,000+ unit consortium sites, all across Great Britain.

Our work for developers includes:

  1. Pricing Assessments for potential sites, both for sale and for PRS.
  2. Product development advice.
  3. Brief writing, development team assembly and management.
  4. Development and operating appraisals for proposed developments, including PRS.
  5. Viability Submissions to optimise developer’s S106 planning obligations.
  6. Build procurement and delivery support.

The combination of our development experience and our ability to understand local market demand and site constraints enables us to create accommodation schedules and appraisals without the need for sketch designs – minimising the potential for costly and time consuming abortive work by design teams. This ensures that suitable sites are identified and proposals optimised at the earliest possible stage of each development.