For Providers

Regardless of whether providers are ‘not for profit’ or ‘for profit’, they continue to face new challenges due to changes in public sector commissioning, constrained funding availability and conditions in the general housing market.

Development opportunities are becoming more complex and carry greater risks, we aim to fill the knowledge gaps of providers and enable them to make proactive and informed strategy decisions, rather than being in a predominantly reactive position.

We work for a variety of housing and care providers, offering:

  1. Development and growth strategies.
  2. Product development advice.
  3. Market Assessments for proposed developments.
  4. Development and operating appraisals for proposed developments.
  5. Brief writing, development team assembly and management.
  6. Pricing Assessments for mixed tenure proposals.
  7. Bid writing and procurement advice.

Our involvement in commissioning and procurement for Local Authorities provides us with valuable insights into changes in policy and preferred provision that benefit housing and care providers as they make their own strategy and delivery plans.

We also provide consultancy services covering growth strategies, business planning and tendering support for specialist Care and Support Service Providers who are meeting the needs of people with dementia, adults with learning difficulties, people with enduring mental health problems and people with physical disabilities.